Is It Hard To Become A F1 Driver?

Formula 1 is one of most thrilling sports in the entire world. F1 is unlike any other motorsport, and many people dream of driving in it. Every fan of F1 could see themselves in the drivers’ seat, and this begs the question, is it hard to become an F1 driver?

It’s very difficult to become an F1 driver. It is difficult to navigate the politics, regulations and requirements required to be an F1 driver. F1 drivers should be highly skilled and gifted. It is also necessary to have a large budget. F1 drivers give their whole lives to racing, starting at a young age.

Although it is possible to be a Formula 1 driver, it can be very difficult. F1 drivers must meet very specific requirements. All drivers have to go through an exhausting process to get there. Let’s explore the truth about how hard it really is to become an F1 driver.

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How hard is it to be a Formula 1 driver?

Formula 1 is a very popular sport. Millions of people worldwide love Formula 1, and each one has their opinions on the sport and drivers competing in F1 races. Many F1 enthusiasts wonder how difficult it is to be a driver. Is it really as difficult as they claim?

F1 driving is an extremely difficult job.

Formula 1 drivers require a lifetime of hard work, dedication, effort, skill, practice and training. F1 driving requires more money than most people see in a lifetime. There are only 20 F1 drivers worldwide at any one time.

This is not to mention the actual requirements F1 drivers have to meet. They must also meet certain requirements such as minimum driving points required to obtain a license, age requirements and limits, hours spent in racing cars, and the right number of driving points needed to get a driver’s license.

Other than the time, money and effort required to get in F1, there is another racing league to conquer first. Each F1 driver must also have a minimum of a high-than-average skill and talent level to even dream about keeping up with other F1 drivers.

It is no secret that Formula 1 driving is the most difficult job in motorsport. Motorsport drivers are almost unable to reach F1 because of the time constraints, budgets and skill requirements.

Formula 1 Driver Requirements

Let’s get down to the details of how you can become a Formula 1 driver. This is based on the requirements each driver must meet as well as the precedents set out by the best Formula 1 drivers.

Current Formula 1 drivers have set a great precedent by dedicating so much time to their driving careers. Some drivers started racing at just 4 hours old, while others began racing at age 40. 

These drivers battled their way through go-kart leagues to Formula 4, Formula 3, Formula 2 then Formula 1, where they showed themselves while racing for smaller teams. Then, they were invited by larger, more successful teams to become the best drivers around the world.

These drivers spend their whole lives behind the wheel, and they dedicate all that they can to becoming the best race car driver. This is Formula 1. This sport is a life-changing experience.

The mandated requirements are the next most important aspect of F1 requirements. F1 drivers must all be 18 years or older. Every F1 river must have attained 40 points towards their racing Superlicense. F1 drivers must also have more than 300 hours driving time in F1 cars before being permitted onto the grid.

This mandated requirement alone makes it extremely difficult for an F1 driver to be licensed. Not everyone can afford an F1 car that they can drive for 300 hours.

Let’s Talk About Talent And Skill

The most important attribute of being a F1 driver is not only raw talent but also outright skill. Formula 1 drivers are not only some of the most hardworking drivers in motorsport, they are also some of the best in the world.

Formula 1 requires an unrivalled skill set and raw talent that can’t be taught. These driers have incredible skills and are continually improving their abilities to be the best.

Formula 1’s top drivers are the best in Formula 1, and they are getting better every day.

It is also why it is difficult to become an F1 driver. F1 drivers must be skilled and talented enough to compete with other drivers on the grid. Otherwise, it is pointless in trying to enter the race.

Is it possible to become an F1 driver?

It is technically possible to be a Formula 1 driver, even though it’s not easy. Drivers are normal people who have worked their way up from junior racing leagues to Formula 1.

While this feat can be done by anyone, it is not an easy one.

Formula 1 is a sport that requires special talent, but anyone can give it a try. If you believe you have the skills and financial resources to be a professional racing driver, then you can start your journey into Formula 1.


Formula 1 racing driver is not an easy job. Motorsport presents a greater challenge than any other sport. F1 drivers have dedicated their lives and sacrificed their lives for Formula 1 racing.

Formula 1 drivers are among the most highly regarded in the world. There are few better drivers in the world, and all of them deserve to be there. They are the best racing drivers because of their dedication, skill and talent. 

A large financial support is also vital. Without it, Formula 1 will not be possible. This is the hardest seat to drive, and the rewards are well worth the effort.

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