Why Are Formula 1 Cars Not AWD?

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System 1 automobiles are unbelievable machines. There are only a few different autos which are able to the racing efficiency of System 1 automotives. There are such a lot of finely tuned and thoroughly chosen features of those automobiles. They’re particularly designed for intense racing, however they’re all the time rear-wheel drive, whereas there are various different high-performance autos that profit enormously from all-wheel-drive techniques. Why are System 1 automobiles not all-wheel drive?

System 1 automobiles aren’t AWD for a lot of causes. AWD is prohibited in F1. AWD techniques add weight and solely supply improved traction throughout launch and cornering. The traction system of F1 automobiles is greater than satisfactory for prime cornering and launch speeds, so an AWD drive system would solely hinder the automobile. 

All-wheel-drive techniques are not utilized in System 1 racing automobiles for a lot of causes. These drive techniques have been thought of for System 1 automobiles up to now, however they’ve been deemed pointless. AWD can also be unlawful in System 1, however that’s solely scratching the floor. Let’s intently look at why System 1 automobiles aren’t all-wheel drive.

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Why Are System 1 Automobiles Not AWD?

System 1 automobiles are finely tuned racing machines which are constructed for profitable races and for no different cause.

The drive techniques of System 1 automobiles are designed deliberately, and they’re constructed to be nearly as good as they are often. The groups and engineers that design and construct these automobiles are very cautious in regards to the design of the automobiles, and the rules that govern F1 racing are very explicit about what’s and what’s not allowed in F1.

All of those concerns imply that F1 automobiles are inbuilt the very best and best methods, to the very best potential specs for the utmost greatest efficiency.

All-wheel-drive techniques are merely not the very best drive techniques for System 1 automobiles.

The rear-wheel-drive techniques which are constructed into F1 automobiles are the very best and best manner to switch the immense energy from the engine of the automotive to the observe whereas nonetheless permitting for peak dealing with efficiency.

All-wheel-drive techniques are heavy, and any such system will add substantial weight to an F1 automotive. A lot weight, actually, that any efficiency enhancements could be drastically lowered because of the weight.

The rear wheels of System 1 automobiles are bigger than the entrance wheels with the intention to enable the very best energy transference from the engine to the observe potential.

All-wheel-drive techniques require all wheels to be the identical measurement for optimum energy transference ratios between all of the wheels.

Which means if F1 automobiles had AWD techniques, the entire wheels must be the identical measurement. This might drastically lower the cornering capability of the automotive, because the smaller entrance wheels of the automotive are optimized for steering.

The big rear wheels of F1 automobiles have a big sufficient floor space to successfully switch the engine’s energy to the street, with none drastic lack of energy and whereas sustaining traction to speed up rapidly.

The engines in F1 automobiles don’t must be as large as you might suppose attributable to how mild the autos are. Which means the rear wheels of the automotive are ready to simply deal with the quantity of torque that’s produced by the engine.

Rising the burden of the automotive with an AWD system would necessitate a extra highly effective engine, which might change the complete composition and arrange the automotive.

AWD techniques are unlawful in System 1, as trendy rules for System 1 prohibit greater than two pushed wheels.

For these causes, F1 automobiles aren’t AWD and make glorious use of their RWD techniques.

How Would AWD Profit System 1 Automobiles?

All-wheel-drive techniques do have their advantages. There are some clear variations between automobiles that use these techniques and automobiles that use two-wheel drive techniques, particularly rear-wheel drive.

How would AWD techniques profit F1 automobiles? Traction.

The principle benefit to all-wheel-drive techniques in any automotive is the truth that all-wheel drive drastically will increase traction.

Sending energy to all 4 of the wheels of a automotive reasonably than simply two wheels signifies that the automobile is ready to extra effectively switch the power from the engine to the street.

All-wheel-drive techniques are higher geared up to deal with excessive ranges of torque and extra effectively switch that pulling energy to the street, leading to much better traction throughout cornering and accelerating.

That is the one true profit that may be offered to F1 automobiles by having an AWD system, however in a real-world software, the drawbacks of AWD techniques for System 1 automobiles vastly outweigh any traction advantages offered by the system.

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How Would AWD Hinder System 1 Automobiles?

Regardless of the rise in traction that’s offered by all-wheel-drive techniques, the advantages that AWD techniques deliver to F1 automobiles are vastly outweighed by the drawbacks of the system.

F1 automobiles have to have good traction in addition to good steering. The speeds that these autos transfer at and the tracks that they race on require each unbelievable pace and excellent dealing with.

The best way F1 automobiles are designed, considering aerodynamics and downforce produced by the physique of the automobile, the traction that’s produced by the rear wheels is way over ample at transferring the torque of the F1 engine to the tack.

These automobiles aren’t extraordinary autos, and their necessities are not like another automobiles on the market. For System 1 automobiles, including an AWD system will drastically cut back the dealing with capability of the automobile and never solely cut back the effectivity of it however drastically worsen it because of the understeer that AWD techniques produce in F1 automobiles.

In addition to the discount in dealing with efficiency, AWD techniques add about 20% extra weight to F1 automobiles. It is a huge downside for System 1 automobiles.

Including 20% extra weight to an F1 automotive modifications the complete automobile and considerably reduces the automotive’s efficiency and racing capability all-round.

Have been There Ever Any AWD System 1 Automobiles?

Within the Nineteen Sixties, there have been just a few F1 groups that experimented and even raced with automobiles that had all-wheel-drive techniques.

Ferguson, BRM, Lotus, Matra, McLaren, and even Cosworth all developed all-wheel drive automobiles for System 1.

These automobiles had been used for a short time. The groups experimented with the AWD techniques, hoping that these drive techniques would offset the tractions points that the tires on the time had with the highly effective engines that the automobiles used.

The drivers who raced these autos hated them as a result of the AWD techniques didn’t add traction considerably sufficient to enhance the automobiles’ racing efficiency. As a substitute, they hindered the drivers’ capability to race the automobiles nicely and even hindered their capability to manage the automobiles nicely.

For that reason, there have been solely ever a handful of AWD F1 automobiles, and solely only a few racing groups and automotive builders tried utilizing these techniques.

Since then, all F1 automobiles have had rear-wheel drive techniques.


System 1 automobiles are purpose-built for intense racing, and they’re designed to be the very best racing machines potential.

No part of an F1 automotive is unintentional or not well-thought-out. The rear-wheel-drive techniques which are utilized in these machines are best techniques for F1 automobiles, enabling peak efficiency, dealing with, and traction.

AWD techniques aren’t utilized in F1 automobiles attributable to the truth that putting in these techniques considerably will increase the burden of the automobile and drastically reduces the dealing with capability of the automotive.

It is a recipe for misplaced races in System 1.

AWD techniques are banned in F1, not as a result of they’re harmful, however as a result of the rules state that no more than two wheels could be powered in an F1 automotive.

Even when AWD was authorized in F1, nobody would make use of this technique, as it’s simply not the suitable approach to go for a System 1 racing automotive!